Our very core belief is found in Matthew 28, where Jesus tells his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always.” Our mission is to teach and train those according to the word of God while seeing people set free and being made new again by the blood of Jesus. We believe everyone has something to contribute to the mission of bringing hope.


We believe the life of following Jesus is a journey.  There are many ups and downs, but like everything in life there are basic elements that give us what we need throughout the journey. These basic elements (like those we find in the natural world) are not only life giving but life sustaining. Without them we would die.  Likewise, without these basic elements being present in a persons life his/her spiritual vitality would be at stake.  These elements are more important than anything.  Many have mastered “doctrine” or “theology” but have found themselves no better off than anyone else who has not nurtured a personal relationship with Jesus.


The bible is inspired by God, therefore it is the main avenue He uses to speak to us.


Our way of talking to God, we cannot expect Him to be active in our lives without asking.


An excellent discipline that  can give us the focus we need to understand God.


Sacrificially from all we have is a cure for selfishness and an avenue of blessing.


The best way to experience Jesus. He served.


Assemblies of God

Warwick Hope is affiliated with a group of churches known as the Assemblies of God (AG). There are over 2.8 million people in the United States and over 52.5 million adherents worldwide who are affiliated with this growing church family called the Assemblies of God. There are 12,277 churches across the U.S. who are a part of the Assemblies. Some will say that the Assemblies of God is one of the fastest growing churches of its kind in the world, but that would be really difficult to measure. A better statement is God continues to show great favor and blessing to the Assemblies of God as this movement of people are striving to fulfill the will and purpose of the Lord.

Our affiliation does not mean Warwick Assembly is controlled by a parent organization. The Assemblies of God believes that the best leadership for a community is found at the local level. We are owned and operated by the local membership here at Warwick Assembly. The emphasis and control of AG churches are at the grass roots local level.

At Warwick Hope

  • We choose our own Pastor.
  • We own our own buildings and properties.
  • We determine our own programs and ministers.

If you would like to learn more about the Assemblies of God, please click on the following link: www.ag.org

Advantages of Affiliation with the Assemblies of God

1) Our affiliation allows Warwick Assembly to identify with other Christians around the world who are known for their commitment to Christ. We strongly feel there is a great benefit to associating with God’s Church and other believers.

2) Our affiliation allows Warwick Assembly to participate in an exciting missionary organization. The Assemblies of God has over 1,998 full time missionaries working in 204 nations. In addition, there are 586 missionary associates. We are a church that desires to see the Good News of God’s love shared around the world. Our affiliation with the Assemblies of God is a great blessing!

3) Another benefit of our affiliation is the safeguard and protection of our credentialed pastors and congregation regarding the accountability that the Assemblies of God hold their credentialed ministers to in respect to lifestyles of integrity, sound doctrine and faithful stewardship.

4) Our affiliation allows Warwick Assembly to cling to our distinct heritage in one hand but at the same time cling to the body of Christ with the other hand while working together with Christians of other wonderful churches to win this world for Jesus.